Saturday, August 25, 2012

column intrigue crab

The capital of the column set into the wall of one of the houses which faces ours. In the spring starlings nest in the crevices at the top.  Maybe they are in some way responsible for the fern which has recently began to grow out of  the stone beneath them.

Ever mystified and fascinated by the nature of existence and that sort of thing I have recently been unable to resist buying the weekly  New Scientist magazine.  Recent cover lines include:
  • Beyond Higgs
The Conscious Connection -the inner secret shared by the brainiest creatures

Ghost in the Atom - laying quantum theory's greatest puzzle to rest

Collapse - when nature destroys civilisations

The algorithm that runs the world.

Though I am not much more enlightened than I was before I am glad to be in contact with subjects of this kind which, though perhaps they shouldn't,  concern me more than the fate of The Euro or The Pound.

At The Farmers' Market this morning a small boy asks to look at the crabs on display on a fishmonger's stall. "What's that one called? " he asks pointing at a spider crab. "Fred" says the fishmonger.

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CC said...

I always enjoy the way Mother Nature finds
a crevice in which to plant something. Especially rewarding in unexpected nooks and crannies in towns and cities.

Read somewhere recently, how the ruins around Chernobyl (though dangerously radioactive) are positively brimming with weeds and starting trees and becoming inhabited. Bitter sweet, but also encouraging.