Monday, August 20, 2012

compensation morning glory old friends

Sunflowers failed dismally this year. The rain washed the seedlings  away or slugs ate them before they had a chance. So here's one from the archive to compensate.

This morning two deep blue morning glories greet my camera in a corner of the vegetable garden where I planted them to see what would happen.

 We have not seen the old friends who come to lunch today for 20 year. They  have not changed. At least no more than we have. And so the balance adjusts. "We mustn't wait another 20 years before meeting again!" We agree that to do so might be problematic.


Roderick Robinson said...

You may not be aware of this but one of the earliest Simon and Garfunkel songs was:

Old friends,
Sat on the park bench like book-ends.

The tempo is slow and reflective, the accompaniment (acoustic guitar) spare and simple. Written in the same spirit, I suppose, as the Beatles' How terribly strange to be seventy. In both cases one is astonished that young people were tempted to write such songs.

Unknown said...

Thank you for that quote. And reminder. I had forgotten it. Old friend tend to talk though. Most of the bookends I know are silent.