Wednesday, November 28, 2012

mist welcome pine apples

Mist in Calverely Park.

Although my other half is now a restrained smoker a pre-lunch drink requires a cigarette. At our favourite London restaurant on a raw day, smoking outside one one of the line of tables on the pavement might be a torment rather than a pleasure. But vertical heaters with dancing flames in glass cylinders, cushions and blankets to cover our knees provided the ultimate hospitality. Yes, I know. The heaters do nothing to limit climate change. But neither do cars and we don't possess one.

Pineapples are wonderful fruit. In the 18th Century they were grown in England in hot houses at great expense and became status symbols. The carved pineapple finials on country houses of the period are witness to their popularity. Today they are supposed to be good for you. Their benefits include the treatment of coughs and colds attributable to the enzyme bromelian which is reputed to break up mucous. Such  health claims have to be treated with suspicion. How much are you supposed to eat before beneficial effects are noticeable? Does it matter? Their mixture of sweet and sour and crisp, juicy texture are rewards enough for removing the scaly shell.

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