Friday, November 09, 2012

sky story music

Front door in the sky.

Is there a borderline between poems and short stories? To put the  possibility I am posting a poem which I wrote a few months ago in One Fine Day. It seems to me that  it has some of the narrative elements of a story combined with the intense concentration of language and images which you look for in a poem. It is called The Black Butterfly 1988. See

Music is back on the agenda in my life, but  as my memory, never much to boast of,  is rapidly disintegrating, I now resort to a music notebook in which I write details of what I like, performances, performers and, sometimes if I can find the words, why I like them


Lucas said...

i think this picture tells a story pf people who live close to the sky.

Roderick Robinson said...

1418UbuircMaking notes about music is vital. Especially opus numbers - otherwise we're stuck with only the pieces that have names, often of a dubious sort, unable to say with any certainty that Opus 109 is enormously superior to the Moonlight. Even worse, none of the Mozart piano cti have names unless the naming process was entirely regrettable (eg, No. 21, now said to have the Elvira Madigan slow movement. In fact Elvira Madigan was a Danish film which was rather self-consciously "beautiful" but had the misfortune to come out round about the same time as Madigan a US movie about corrupt cops starring Richard Widmark plus Henry Fonda who was sleeping with Widmark's wife. Quite a number of over-sensitive Americans, lacking a broad culture, saw the wrong movie and complained in the public prints.)