Sunday, November 18, 2012

seeds short cut light

Seed head of Clematis orientalis of which I showed the bell-shaped yellow flowers the other say.

The 100-year old retired dentist who lives nearby greets us from his mobility scooter. The basket on the steering column is full of plastic bags. "Going shopping?"  "No," he says, with a laugh. I'm taking these round to the back of the house. It's easier than going through."  His modern terrace house is on two levels. There is a garage and back door which you reach through a rear courtyard.  As we get older such  techniques of navigation begin to be familiar.

Aiming my camera contre jour I am pleasantly surprised by the flexibility of digital over film. Or at least so it seems to me who makes no claims to be a proper photographer.


marja-leena said...

I used to have that clematis in a tub against a trellis on the deck but it perished either from a cold winter or a disease (which has sometimes killed other kinds of clematis in the ground). I think I miss these amazing seed heads the most.

Unknown said...

This variety you may have noticed seems to flower in the Autumn for the second time just when the seed heads from an earlier flowering are at their dandiest.