Thursday, November 29, 2012

searcher universe safe water

Explorer 2.

As so often happens my eye is caught on the supermarket news stand  by the cover of New Scientist. " Before the Big Bang", reads the cover line, "Three reasons why the Universe can't have existed for ever". Why I wonder do I care so much more about this topic than whether or not women should be allowed to become Church of England bishops?

Whenever I see the miniature Penguin Classics and similar mini-book series I always hasten to buy the titles which I think of as suitable to send to certain  friends to supplement Christmas cards. Apart from everything else they fit tidily with a card into most envelopes.There are few which are not suitable so I usually splash out. Today in The Oxfam Bookshop the substantial collection  is not priced. Instead  donations are invited to the Safe Water for Schools charity. Proceeds go to schools all over the world, I am told, wherever  there is a desperate need for fresh water.  Though this is apparently not obvious because one of the shop's  recent customers was anxious to know whether donations would go to a school local to Tunbridge Wells.


Roderick Robinson said...

But might the two subjects be inextricably entangled, in which case the implications are surely pornographic.

Unknown said...

I'll give you my considered opinion when I've read the article.

Oxfam Bookshop said...

"Safe Water for Schools" is our shop collection to buy the gift of that name from the Oxfam Unwrapped scheme. See for more info. We find donations increase 10 fold when there is a specific target and T Wells is being very generous this year. As was Joe today! A whole new selection of Penguin minis has gone out since his visit too.