Thursday, November 08, 2012

spider Janecek romanesco

Spider and hydrangea.

Lorenzo da Ponte now  writing under his real name Roderick Robinson still onTone Deaf  remains  a music guru. I'm grateful to day for his directing me to Janacek's string quartets. While I am listening to them for the first time this morning, Sam who visits once a week to clean the house, says: "That music makes me think of the background to silent films." . I am quite glad of  remark. It reminds me of  a talk by the late, great music critic Anthony Hopkins. To help listeners begin to appreciate Stockhausen, he  made  up a science fiction story and used the music as a background to an account of a space ship about to land on an alien planet. Not that Janacek that I mean to compare Janacek to Stockhousen.

Romanesco, a sort of green cauliflower, is quite a common vegetable nowadays. This year not for the first time I tried to grow it. Instead of forming firm, tight heads, however, it sprouts in all directions like  unhappy broccoli. Except tday for one plant. Today to my amazement I spot a proper conical romanesco head among the leaves. What I would like to know is why this plant rather than the others is  behaving  as it should. But it pleases me all the more.

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Roderick Robinson said...

Throughout the afternoon (yesterday) I tried to listen to both of J's quartets and was interrupted time after time. So at present there are only fragments rattling round in my mind. Nice to see you have a high-grade cleaning person but then we're talking TW.