Saturday, February 08, 2014

Bridge people, fish and chips and

Bridge people from the archive. It is is Blackfriars over The Thames.

Chores interrupt Pippa and Dom's visit. So instead of going to the pub we decide to sample the produce of the Down Town Fish Bar opposite the Compasses. It deserves  its good reputation. Generous pieces of cod firm to the touch in crisp batter and chips which stay hot and crisp. Because we feel that fish and chips is picnic food, we decide to sit round the dining room table and eat it straight off the grease-proof paper. No washing up! Disgraceful.

All night  the rains beats against the windows. I picture the weather map now almost a permanent feature of  BBC forecasts. Circles of arrows dancing across the Atlantic like whirling dervishes  on their way  to swallow our frail island and its inhabitants.


Tom said...

Now that's just downright 'n chips....generous pieces of and crisp....mmmmm! At a push, I might even have foregone the dinner I cooked this evening; lean pork curry....savoury rice, fried in home-made tomato and hot green pepper chutneys, the latter to my own recipe....mmmm's from across the table. All right I surrender; I can't be that cruel. And there's some washing up!

Roderick Robinson said...

Blackfriars Bridge. So ornate. Concentrating on the exigencies of plot I rather missed that. It deserved a sentence. Too late now. However your photo has caught the phenomenon I did mention - the bobbing heads when the bridge is viewed from below.