Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shelter, indignation and confit


So much indignation on the radio, on TV. Energy wasted!

Toby stays the night. I roast a duckling. Instead of cooking the bird whole, I follow my new routine. I joint the duck, and having pricked the pieces all over brown and crisp them, The breast which requires little cooking and should be served pink I reserve and set aside. The legs and wings can now be cooked very slowly in the fat as for a confit. Additional fat can be used to confit turnips or other root vegetables. Although I have used this method for  game birds and for chicken it seems to me that applied to a duck in can scarcely be bettered.


Tom said...

More than a middling-to-yum, I should say.

Unknown said...

Tom, it was. Ii seem to spend a lot of time thinking about recipes at the moment. I enjoy your accounts of spicy ventures.

Rouchswalwe said...

Mmmm, how would a plum sauce on the side be with such a magnificent duckling?

Unknown said...

R Plum sauce would be spectacular. I did in fact make an orange sauce. But plum sounds better.