Sunday, February 16, 2014

Chimney perch, roast and denouement

Chimney perch

Sunday roast with Milo and Virginia and family. Sun shines on on us as we sit and talk at dining table. A bonus for tradition.

Find myself looking forward to The Archers where a true soap episode is imminent. How will the awful Helen react when she learns that her lover is as bad as we have always known him to be?


Lucy said...

Oh you tease! The awfulness of Helen and her awful lover was one of the things that drove me away.

Unknown said...

Henry's awful too. Sorry. Now they're stringing it out. Helen has reacted yet except by falling silent. Archer's time coming up!. Everyone is awful. Tony, Peggy, the lot. I might just follow you into the darkness.

Roderick Robinson said...

Now we're all disenchanted. Or have I already commented thus?

Lucy said...

Mind you, one of the best moments before my estrangement from it was after the episode where Awful Helen and Awful Rob first got it on in truly cringeworthy and slurpy radio fashion, followed by the strains of Barwick Green, and that continuity announcer with the lovely Caribbean accent came on and just made a kind of speechless, non-plussed 'Huh?!' sort of exclamation. Priceless.

It's no good, I'm making a date for Sunday morning.