Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Consultants, marmalade and communications

Computer problems continue. Christo is still  working on the Sony which he takes home to attend to overnight. That leaves me with the iPad. Thank you Steve Jobs.

While the computer consultant is at work,  I go round the corner to advise on marmalade production. Peter and Pammie are new to marmalade making. I suggest that they adopt the method where the oranges are cooked whole and cut into strips of preferred size afterwards. Pips and pith are placed in a muslin bag while cooking is in progress to ensure that pectin is transmitted.  When all is done including the troublesome business of establishing the setting point, I watch with a mounting sense of achievement as the jars are filled and stay with my neighbours long enough to establish that the amber jam one settled in jars is neither liquid nor of a toffee-like texture, but has become rather a glowing and trembly jelly in which the strips of golden skin are suspended. The marmalade consultant returns to find the computer consultant has been less successful.

Almost two weeks after seeing a specialist at the hospital, a definite course of action has not as promised arrived by post. A relief then to see  my GP, Doctor Koshal, who explains clearly and sympathetically what he has been able to glean ( he has learnt even less than I from the consultant) about the progress of my cure. I feel better already on the strength of his intelligence and communications skills alone.

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Lucy said...

Your GP sounds like a blessing, let's hope progress is being made.

I find with marmalade that the set often takes up to several days to be really evident. I've often nearly despaired and poured all the jars back in the pan, decided I'd put up with runny marmalade instead, then found it to be perfectly set on opening some time later. Tricky stuff, but very rewarding!