Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sandwich, singing and bag

I too have a weakness for sandwiches.

Full marks to France for its performance of La Marseillaise before the Rugby match against Wales.The team knew the words too. But almost predictably Wales was  hard to beat as a choir.

In the newspaper an advertisement for an all leather  "manbag".  We used to call it what the illustration reveals to be a satchel. 


Tom said...

Oh lucky you. I fear our visitor, Cyril the Squirrel, has not returned this year, at least not yet. I hope this is an indication that he and his family are well fed and doing well.

Now have you tasted Koli Milagu Masala - Pepper Chicken from Chettinad? We did this evening (he said with a reminiscent smile on his face.)

Roderick Robinson said...

Odd that the Welsh captain, Warburton, didn't sing Land Of My Father. Wasn't furtive about it either, seemed almost aggressive in his non-participation. Perhaps he was envisaging (with relish) what Wales were going to do to France.

CC said...

Love your Squirrel and comment. Finding a bit of fruit or piece of a sandwich must make her/him feel its a lucky day.