Sunday, February 09, 2014

Frieze, waves and calm

Frieze. More from bridge people archive.

All night  the wind blows through  the branches of the lime tree. Sounds of waves breaking. Wake to  hear only the the alarm call of a blackbird flitting by outside the  window. The wind has dropped.

A calm atmosphere prevails at the The Three Chimneys - a pub where the food is invariably simple and well cooked. Whence the tranquillity? Although it is Sunday and all tables are occupied, people converse quietly and -  how could one possibly know? - seem to be talking sense. This goes for regular drinkers and people having lunch. Then you realise. No music or sound system of any kind. Sometimes it is only when it is absent that you notice the ugly and the superfluous.


Lucas said...

The silver tubing structure of the bridge and the expressions of the people suggest a sci fi narrative. A comet approaches...
I think number recognition for comments is much handier than distorted letter recognition!

Rouchswalwe said...

Ah, The Three Chimneys seems like my kind of place.