Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Watching, roast cod and taking care

Watching the sea.

For Ken I prepare a Punjabi style roast fish in a spicy yogurt sauce. Ken brings two juicy cod fillets. A  paste is made of fresh ginger, mustard seed, poppy seed, yogurt, powdered coriander and chopped coriander leaves. I roast  the cod with a layer of the paste on each fillet, which is topped by pieces of ghee. A little lemon juice to finish off. Fluffy  rice to keep it company.

"Take care" is what people say to each other in troubled times such as these when rivers burst their banks, the coast crumbles under huge waves and vast areas of farmland becomes lakes. It's not the sort of thing I normally say, but today I catch myself with the phrase on my lips.


Lucas said...

Great composition. Joyce likes the bicycle with supermarket bag as well.

Roderick Robinson said...

Hugely impressed by these reconstructions of evening meals: "layer of paste", "to finish off" and "to keep it company". Verbal flourishes that make all the difference.

With the 2/5 diet I am limited two days out of seven to 600 calories/day. Apart from my usual Braeburn apple plus satsuma (ease of peeling; no pips) at each meal, lunch consists of Cup-of-Soup minestrone, dinner a made-up supermarket meal chosen according to its calorific content (ie, < 400 cals). There is no sense of occasion about these meals which are all over in two or three minutes, verbal garnish would be thought ironic and I now read articles in The Guardian I wouldn't previously have bothered with. Washing up is agreeably cut to the bone, mainly confined to putting a plastic tray in the correct dustbin. I live like a prince or, as I believe, like princes deserves to live.

Unknown said...


Sorry to hear about your diet. You must look forward to the intervals. Surprising how food and writing about it can balance the pleasure.