Friday, August 28, 2009

bagged, three, surprise

Posted by PicasaGarden litter packed by the roadside.
I pick up three identical pencils equipped with erasers at the opposite end to the points, and holding them in a bunch compose a simultaneous pattern of three beautiful lines. Turning the pencils round there is the opportunity to draw with the erasers over the lead pattern, a second set of broader lines, with the erasers. A triple doodle, a doddle, I did.
The door bell rings this morning to reveal, when I open the door, the smiling face of Tristan Forward, (aka the Emotional Blackmailers Handbook). He is passing though Tunbridge Wells on a mission, he says. We discuss the curious title of his excellent blog, which he justifies by the volume of emotional blackmail, which he reckons, as far as I can tell, encumbers the social environment.


Lucy said...

It's a memorable title, I suppose but rather an off-putting one, as has sometimes been remarked. But one does grow attached to one's blog title, perhaps even a little more when it seems to have little relevance to anything much about the blog!

Anyway, it's nice to think of smiling Tristan and smiling Joe impromptu on the latter's doorstep...

CC said...

Have become a great fan of T. Forward.
I admire his photos and wry wit.
What delight to find him on the doorstep.