Tuesday, August 04, 2009

purpose, jig, pea

Posted by PicasaTo see a line of cars for the first time might create speculation as to its purpose.
In the Pantiles a man sits on a wall and plays a jig on a flute. People walk past. No one dances.
I put my hand in the pocket where I keep my notebook and encounter, in addition to the book, five pea pods. I had put them there for safe keeping when I was picking peas in the vegetable garden this morning. I split one open and munch the peas one by one, sweet and green and fresh as the dew on daisy. I return the remaining pods to my pocket and think to myself: if I meet someone I will proffer an open pod and say, 'do you want a pea?". Depending of course on whom it is I meet.


Lucy said...

I do hope you met with someone to whom you could say it.

Unknown said...

I asked the question to Heidi and her daughter Jenny, who is staying with us. "I've just had one," said Heidi,just before I revealed the pod. Jenny looked surprised initally.

herhimnbryn said...

I like the image of a pocket of peas in the Pantiles.