Sunday, August 02, 2009

basil,toad, sparrow hawk

Posted by Picasa Click and rub the screen over the picture lightly with your finger. If you can smell the basil, I can probably regard it as a satisfactory photograph.
I empty a bag of composty stuff called soil improver into a plastic bucket. I begin to add the compost to a flower bed when I notice that it is moving. A toad emerges and we exchange looks of mutual suspicion. I go to fetch my camera and the toad poses for me before hopping off.
High above Mount Sion, this afternoon, the sparrow hawk whose territory this is (it has been widely reported in this blog and elsewhere), is calmly floating in circles on a thermal but presumably keeping an eye open for some small bird or mammal on which to drop from the sky and capture. Toads beware.


The Crow said...

Ahh...the power of suggestion! I smell its heavenly perfume. The photo is satisfactory and then some.


(Word verification for this comment is 'strotch'. How would you define that, Joe?


Unknown said...

A "strotch" is a Scottish dialect word for a turnip which is on the point of rotting.

The Crow said...

Ah...just so.


Roderick Robinson said...

Did it "gallow up"?