Monday, August 31, 2009

beam, sedum, opposites

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I am taken at the moment with sedum. It belongs to the Crassulacaea family of which there are around 200 varieties. The most common wild form is stonecrop. It is common in coastal regions, dry, grass land and rocks, dunes and shingle. But it is the cultivated Sedum spectabile which I have been admiring in borders. It begins to flower about now. The small flowers spread out in branching saucers above the fleshy leaves and remain in bud (a gentle green) for some time. From a distance you think you are looking at green flowers, until they gradually open, introducing a hint of pinkness to the green, and then become pink But it is a dignified, mellow pink well suited to the the tones of approaching Autumn.
"Man," says Blaise Pascal, whose Pensées, I enjoy dipping into, though I suppose they should be read from beginning to end, "is naturally credulous, incredulous, timid and reckless".


Roderick Robinson said...

There's an admirable quote by T. S Eliot in the foreword to my edition of Pascal's Pensées (inherited from my mother) which I was aiming to interweave into a forthcoming post. Now, to avoid a charge of copycatism, it will have to wait. However I don't mind bending the knee to that remarkably accurate summary.

tristan said...

it is as if he had looked into a crystal ball and was predicting my state of mind

Unknown said...

BB: Don't wait.

T: Odd how things turn up at the right moment.

herhimnbryn said...

Like the rusty support image.

Lucas said...

Rusty Support image is very good - it seems to have other pictures within it.