Tuesday, August 18, 2009

berries, talking, surplus

Posted by Picasa Blackberry time.
Catalogues arrive almost every day, where I enjoy noting the things I don't want, and can wonder at the ingenuity that generates so much that is useless. More and more items fall into this category. At the top of the list is a watch, which is accurate to one second in 10million years. It is radio controlled and so adjusts to leap years and minor variations occasioned by blips in the earth's circuit of the sun. Meanwhile, as if there are not enough recorded voices to cope with every time you have to make a telephone call to one of the providers of heat, light, and telephonic communication, the watch, upon the press of a button will speak "the time, day month and year."
At this time of year there is generally a glut of vegetables and I have to think hard about which of the neighbours I can deliver the surplus to. Fortunately I have discovered the preferences of most of them, so that even the few remaining, old souls, who like what used to be called vegetable marrows, but nowadays tend to be overlooked and therefore over grown courgettes (or zucchini), are easy accommodate.

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