Sunday, September 20, 2009

forecast,sunbeds, jogger

Weather forecasts are nearly always a waste of time. Weather is interesting in itself and it seems preferable to wait and see what happens rather than to worry or become complacent about what might happen. Since our arrival here, the forecast along the entire length of this coast has promised overcast skies and thunderstorms. In fact we have lovely days of sun with sufficient cloud only to relieve the monotony. There has been one magnificent thundertorm at night following a display of lightening over the sea during the evening (See and earlier post). But the best is the drama brought to the daytime sky by stacks of cumulus on the horizon and mountainous arrangements of cloud overhead through which the sun invariably pours down. Beside all this the symbols for lightening (zigzag in a circle) or for cloud ( black cloud shape) in the media forecasts, are grossly innacurate.
This morning, a sturdy girl arranges a line of sunbeds on the sand. She collects two at a time from the vertical stack where they are secured at night. She pats the bright blue canvas of each bed, and holding one in either hand, transports them to the line. Soon the sunbathers (neither of us is or will be so inclined) will soon arrange themselves, like pork chops, suitably oiled and seasoned, as for the barbecue.
A woman jogs past in appropriate trainers, tee shirt and shorts. In one hand is a plastic bottle of water. In the other is a leash at the end of which lopes, a little ahead of her, a jogging alsation, or German shepherd.

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