Friday, September 25, 2009

storm clouds, consuming, rosemary

Posted by Picasa The days are for the most part fine, and forecasts of thunder storms are proved correct only as a frequent spectacle enacted over the sea.
From the swimming pool, swimming slowly on my back, I watch through the foliage a man eating and drinking. on a balcony. All I can see is his hand and his face. I watch as he raises his hand with something to eat and then raise some sort of cup to his lips. Suddenly eating, that most common of activities, seems a curious one, and I watch fascinated as if I were seeing it for the first time.
On the sea front are two gardeners who have the pleasant job of planting rosemary round the base of date palms. At least I think it is rosemary and bend down to pinch a spray, which as I smell the aromatic leaves, I know for certain that it is.


June Saville said...

Lovely - I particularly enjoyed the shifting points of view.
June in Oz

Unknown said...

This holiday in particular is notable for there being so many people to watch and talk to. Stories about them almost write themselves in one's mind.

Lucas said...

The concept of observing a cropped version of the acts of eating and drinking from the vantage point of a swimming pool is curiously peculiar and amusing.

The Crow said...

I've been a cloud watcher most of my life, and find your photograph especially pleasing to study.

How delightful to meet someone going home with you, so to speak; a stranger who seems to value your town almost as much as you do. Serendipity strikes again.