Tuesday, June 08, 2010

gull, blades, Maria

Posted by Picasa Floating on the wind. This seagull is not looking for anything. It is simply enjoying the sensation of gliding.

The season progresses. It is June 8 but already the twin-blade propellers which  will carry seeds in the Autumn  are in evidence on the lime tree opposite.

In Camden Road I am greeted by a familiar face. At first, because she is out of context,  I do not recognise Maria from the delicatessen counter at Sainsbury's. She, who has so many friends among regular customers in the normally impersonal supermarket.  On Sunday mornings you nearly always hear her voice - 'Have a nice day! Have a lovely rest of the weekend! Enjoy your Parma ham!'   " I haven't seen you for some time, " she says, and then tells me that she is leaving Sainsbury's at the beginning of July . "We'll miss you," I say. I have to go and look after my mum," she says. " She is not well. I'm going to miss you all." It takes a very special sort of person to turn a supermarket counter into the equivalent of a village store.


Lucas said...

My original impression is that the gull is enjoying itself so much that it has its eyes closed. Clicking to enlarge the photo appears to confirm that this is the case.

Lucy said...

Those small losses and departures, such as Maria's, can seem disproportionately painful as life goes on, I find. I'll quite miss her from these postings!

Unknown said...

I'm not sure about the gull's eye. Yes. The relationships which develop with the people and objects you regularly but briefly encounter daily become increasingly significant.