Monday, June 21, 2010

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Posted by Picasa T-shirts for tourists in Covent Garden.

Several  times today I pass the same ground floor window. Every time I see the outline of a man at a computer. His head and shoulders are blurred by the slats of a venetian blind, but through the sash window, open at the bottom, I see his hands over the keyboard clearly defined,  his fingers curled and in action.

From The London Road, you see the slopes of The Common, mostly wooded, but with one or or two open areas where people sit and look across  the river of traffic at  Mount Sion  opposite, with its tiered roofs of  houses climbing to the sky line.  From where I stand on the Mount Sion side, this afternoon, I like to see the paths winding up hill through the wooded slopes among trees heavy with mid-summer leaves. It reminds me of John Keats' "verdurous gloom and winding mossy ways".

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Roderick Robinson said...

How fecund you've been in my absence. I'm having to limit my comments to one of your earlier posts.