Wednesday, August 05, 2009

skip, repetition, preferences

Posted by PicasaComposition in a skip.
Winged seeds are already beginning to fly down from the lime tree opposite. It happens every year at this time, another anticipation of Autumn in mid summer. The bracts which used to be light green have become crisp and ochre yellow. I am sure that I recorded this last year and probably the year before. So another anniversary. For some reason I am reminded of some friends from Sweden, who used to visit us regularly. It must have been 30 years ago. As I drove them to a country pub I made a remark prompted by somewhere we were passing. "You know, " said my friend, "you said precisely the same thing last year at this spot!"
There is a blind man who has been visiting the local with his dog for a good many years. He and the dog used to be customers of the Compasses, but in recent months have switched allegiances to the Grove Tavern, a hundred metres or so further on. Today I notice the dog hesitate outside the Compasses, but he is quickly corrected by his master and pointed in the right direction.


Roderick Robinson said...

Was that John Mu-RAY? The last time I met him it was deep winter in Sweden and the temperature was -12 deg C. He gave me a lift in his battered SAAB and I experienced heated car seats for the first time. A far more sophisticated way of generating passenger comfort than blowing hot air in their faces.

Unknown said...

The same. He loved that car. Eventually I bought one, but I don't remember mine having a heated seat.