Wednesday, September 02, 2009

chard, twittering, shower

Posted by Picasa The chard known as ruby chard. The stems, which take longer to cook than the leaves, which resemble spinach, are best cooked separately. After blanching the leaves, I sometimes add them to a frying pan where onions are beginning to caramelise and cook the two together for a while.
It never occurred to me to twitter, until I read Dave Bonta's post in via negativa, on micro-poetry. He points out that haiku and the 31 syllable tanka both fit snugly into the 140 character Twitter format. It occurs to that the apophthegm - brief, pointed and practical - is another attractive possibility to engage twitterers. I suspect that Twitter is not intended for such rarified activity, but the format should be seen as a challenge rather than as a receptacle for idle doodling. I recommend Dave's post and the examples he gives of the sort of material suitable for twittering. For instance: "For me neither the honey nor the bee", which somehow resonates with opportunities to vary the usual, to twitter for example.
Sitting under sunshades outside Sankey's at lunchtime, the rain suddenly tumbles down with tropical intensity. We manage to remain dry, just; though the rain is rushing through holes in the umbrella. I watch Heidi nursing her Sauvignon Blanc and remember G K Chesterton:
"And Noah said to his wife as he sat down to dine,
I don't mind where the water goes, if it doesn't get into the wine.


marja-leena said...

I've been catching up here since several days away. Twitter sounds great for you! I received your Twitter invitation, thank you. At the moment I don't have the time for it with the blog is still keeping me enslaved and I'm about to return to the printmaking studio again after half a year's absence.

Roderick Robinson said...

Is Twitter stressed? I asked.
No, stress comes from within.
Thanks be to Gates for word count,
Since Twitter’s for the birds

With the corset of iambic pentameter removed I am misshapen and my belly jiggles. Milton croaks disapprovingly

Lucy said...

That was a really good post of Dave's wasn't it? Your intimations of Twittering made much more sense in the light of it...

Lucas said...

I agree that Twitter is a micro medium full of possibilities. A quick tweet from a mobile phone while travelling across a city in a train, or on reaching the top of a staircase could be good. Epigrams and paradoxical sayings may also occur.