Thursday, September 10, 2009

open, Wuthering, Arabic

Posted by PicasaThe open window.
Outside Hall's bookshop I meet one of the assistants. "You haven't spotted Wuthering Heights, have you?" she says. "We had four copies and they have all gone." I say: "That's because it's on tele..." "Yes," she says, "And it's an A Level book."
I find an Arabic phrase book to join my collection of phrase books. It has a useful section called Talking to a Girl. I will not trouble you with the Arabic. The English will suffice as an indication of its value.
You are a beautiful girl.
I admire you.
I loved you from the first sight.
I like to see you often.
When can I see you again?
What about spending the night together this evening?
Can I call you?
What is your phone number?
I love you!
I was happy with you.


The Crow said...

Short and too the point, relationships' alpha and omega, in an Arabic nutshell.


Lucy said...

That window looks as if it should be by the sea.

I love the 'found poem' from the phrasebook. I was just reading some extracts from Mme de Genlis 18th century phrasebook for German speakers in France, which is equally funny in a different way, containing things like 'Postillion, if you drive slowly round the corners I will give you a tip, otherwise only the fare...'

Roderick Robinson said...

What awful event precipitated the collapse of the relationship?

My favourite came from a German phrase book: "Please do not drive us through any vulgar places."