Sunday, September 06, 2009

visitor, HD, geography

Posted by Picasa Two or three times this summer in the morning or early evening, we are visited by hot air balloons. This one sails over our house and drifts off in a northeasterly direction. The quiet roar of the burner switching on and a gentle upward lift in response is, I would imagine, part of the charm of this mode of travel, particularly as up or down seem to be the only directions over which the operator has any control.
We do not have a high definition facility on our TV. I stop to watch an HD TV in a shop window. The detail is impressive. But how much detail do you want? And does the greed for reality increase in proportion to the level currently achieved? After HD, 3D and after 3D, feelies, smellies? It's the same with telescopes and field glasses: you can never get close enough to what you are observing whether it is a planet or a puffin.
In the supermarket this morning:"Is that where you're going, Bavaria? or is it Bulgaria?"


The Crow said...

Your interesting photo has captured the past and present of flying. Far behind the balloon a jet leaves a con-trail in a perfectly straight line: great contrast in trajectories.

Cool photo, Joe.


Unknown said...

Thanks for pointing that out, Crow. I hadn't noticed the jet trail. The photo which I didn't publish showed the balloon apparently caught in a net of telphone wires, though it was only passing over.

Roderick Robinson said...

Certain TV celebrities with poor complexions are dreading the switchover to HD. Apparently it shows up every blackhead. Is a visible blackhead more truthful than one that's blurred? Cue for a sestina.

Unknown said...

I think I 'll leave the production of the sestina on this subject in your hands.