Thursday, November 05, 2009

brush, quick, crows

Posted by PicasaStreet sweeper.
I always admire the speed and efficiency of the Pleasant Cafe a few doors down from the station entrance in Mount Pleasant. I order a pot of tea and a sandwich. It takes literally a minute. They unwrap the sandwich made with fresh bread that morning , cut it into four quarters and put it on to a plate. A metal tea pot with tea bag goes under the tap of a hot water boiler ready with instant boiling water, and plate, pot, mug, and small jug of milk are popped on to a tray which is handed to me over the counter. Yes, all in no more than a minute.
Above a roof top in the morning sun two crows glide on the breeze. Their wing tips almost touch.


Roderick Robinson said...

All that hydraulic piping to deliver a brush. A steam hammer to crack a walnut.

Lucy said...

It sucks up the dirt too...

I like the little spot of sunlight on the red trim.