Monday, November 02, 2009

watch, Trixi, scaffolding

Posted by PicasaChimney watch.
Trixi Shober. The insignia on a clothes hanger catches my eye. "Do you know who or what is Trixi Shober?" I say to Heidi. "It's a German fashion house", she says. What a name! I see her as a character in a novel whose machinations are only just beginning to work on me.
The clunk and clatter of scaffolding being taken down. So much better that the clunk and clatter of scaffolding being erected.


CC said...

Enjoying your posts as always.
Especially fond of the fledgling pictures.

Roderick Robinson said...

Trixi Shober sounds like a thinly disguised profession.

The Crow said...

Ah...crows on their watchtower...sublime.

(Aside to BB: See-through thinly? Thanks for the best guffaw I've had in a long time.)


Lucy said...

There's a whole world in that chimney pot.