Friday, November 06, 2009

puddle, blanket, early

Posted by PicasaLooking up and dItalicown.
In a book entitled Batty Bloomers and Boycott listing eponymous words, the compiler Rosie Boycott claims that one, Thomas Blanket spun the first blankets around 1340 and sold them in his Bristol shop. If this is supposed to explain the origin of the word, it runs counter to The Oxford English Dictionary and Chambers Dictionary both of which, prosaically, attribute it to the old or medieval French, blankete or blanquete. I know the origin that I prefer, Thomas Blanket.
Out early for an 8 am appointment at The Kent and Sussex Hospital. At this hour, everything looks different and you see different things, birds, people, dogs. All in a different light. All following distinctive early morning routines. They move at a different pace, better defined, more urgent.

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tristan said...

there is no point in trying to disguise yourself as a curmudgeonly francophobe ... its a thin disguise