Sunday, November 22, 2009

umbrella, dandruff, organised

Posted by PicasaTriangles.
A new farm produce shop in the High Street is being stocked ready to open next week. In the doorway a man is cutting a plank of wood with a power saw. Pale dust rises in a cloud. A girl moving cartons through the door says: "Hey, you're covering me in dandruff". A notice in the window explains that the staff will be new to the equipment (which includes a juicer behind the bar) and to the products, and asks for the forbearance of customers.
Another BBC weather forecast phrase to enjoy this morning refers to "organised bands of showers". If I am not mistaken I have in the past heard a forecaster speak of "showers marching across from the West."


Roderick Robinson said...

Again the tendency is to suggest there's a subversive at work there, more interested in felicitous prose than in meteorology. But then you look (or listen) a second time and the chosen word or phrase becomes inescapable. It's the sort of thing that might drive a supervisor mad, trying to decide whether elegance somehow undermines the stern purposes of this service.

Unknown said...

I don't object to this sort of language. I suppose the object is to create a vivid image in a context which can be boring. If it does that and at the same time, retains some logical relationship to what it is describing, so much the better.