Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ball, flying, smarties

Posted by PicasaIt is only today that I upload Sitges photographs from the Olympus camera. Here is the interminable bat and ball game which I described  on this  blog while we were still  on holiday.

The hedge didn't grow much after its last major pruning, but there are some untidy sproutings here and there which require some work with the shears and the step ladder. Now it is tidy and shipshape for the Winter. I sweep up the clippings but the brisk wind blows many of them away. Later as I walk down Mount Sion there are privet  leaves from the hedge still blowing ahead of me mixed with the early fallen leaves and seeds of the lime.

Being old I no longer care for Smarties, those little, multi-coloured, berry like sweets,  chocolate pills I recall in hard, sweet coats. Today, scattered along a good length of pavement  in Chapel Place at regular intervals and for some yards, is a galaxyof smarties. Did some child suddenly grow up and throw them out of its pram. On reflection I wouldn't  blame it. I wouldn't  blame it at all. I have no nostalgia for smarties.


Dave said...

Wow, what a great photo!

The Crow said...

Great action shot, Plutarch!