Sunday, October 17, 2010

morning, ferret, sunflower

Posted by PicasaFirst thing in the morning on holiday (the file is still open)  we step on to the balcony and look at the rising sun to see what sort of day is promised. Today the sky is ploughed with vapour trails. A silvery morning.

In the centre of Tunbridge Wells (back in the present) beside the Millennium clock a young man in a sort of beanie walks past with a ferret on a lead. He stops to talk to some friends, picks up the ferret and caresses the creature as he chats. He introduces it to one of his friends who takes hold of it and allows it to climb up her arm on to her shoulder.

In a parked VW next to the steering wheel is a sunflower. A plastic sunflower, I think to myself, but on close inspection I see that it is a real one. Its stem is in a small vase attached by a rubber suction pad to the windscreen.


CC said...

Nice photo.

Lucy said...

A glorious sweeping photo, bursting with light.

Lucas said...

I really like the photo and the evocation of a "silver morning."
The previous post about finding rusted trowel and screwdriver in archeological mode is fascinating.