Saturday, February 12, 2011

concrete, Sauternes, time

Posted by PicasaSunshine on concrete.

"Can you help me?" asks a neighbour. "Do you like Sauternes?"  It seems that they had been to dinner with some friends who, having served them a bottle of Ch  Suduiraut, a premier cru Sauternes, had bestowed the half bottle remaining, on them as they left.  "We don't like the stuff," P says. It seems that politeness must have persuaded a contrary opinion from him during the meal, or his hosts might have kept the wine for himself. We don't drink a lot of sweet wine, but the sweet wines of Sauternes invariably unfortified, with their  underlying characteristic of balanced fruit and acidity, don't come our way often. They are not too sweet and generally expensive. They can be drunk with blue cheese or foie gras, if not with a dessert or on their own. I am glad to say that I am able to oblige.

 I am about to pass a man and a woman me in Berkeley Road. The man speaks to me, which takes me by surprise because there is no warning. "Can you tell me the time," he says. And to reinforce the nature of his request, taps his wrist. It's something I have seen people do before when asking the time. A nervous reaction perhaps or  a signal of reassurance?


Roderick Robinson said...

And long legs, very long legs. Those are the sort of neighbours to have. I've always thought that pudding wine + blue cheese was the way to go but I've never had the two of them in the house at the same time.

Lucy said...

Always had a soft spot for Bordeaux moelleux and goat cheese myself, but I daresay I have low tastes.

Unknown said...

BB At first when I heard about the pudding wine/blue cheese combination I was surprised. Then I remembered Port and Stilton.

Lucy Must try goat with sweet wine. My experience has been that the dry wines of the Loire (Sauvignon de Touraine, in particular) are a good match for goat cheeses of the same area, and elsewhere. There is a matching acidity in both products, which makes you want more of both.