Sunday, February 27, 2011

grid, pigeon, mothers

Posted by PicasaThrough the grid covering a drain there is a glimpse of  water.

This morning before I make the tea, looking out of the window I see first, the sun giving an extra glow to the withdrawn into its breast. When I return with the tea tray, the pigeon is still there, but it has woken up and it is looking at the azalea, or at least in its direction.

A  young neighbour greets me in The Grove. We exchange "how are yous?". A willing informant, he says as a prelude to moving on: "It's Mothers Day soon. I must go and get some cards". Cards in the plural, I think to myself.Unusual, surely,  for Mothers Day.

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Lucy said...

Well, as well as his own mum he might be sending one to his m-i-l if he's a devoted s-i-l, then there's granny if he's still got one, or he could be getting them for his kids to send their mum if they're too young to get their own...

Sounds like a nice chap anyway, to have such a superabundance of filial feeling!