Friday, February 25, 2011

promise, lungwort, flowering

Posted by PicasaPromise of daffodils in The Grove to day.

And yesterday, when for the first time this year, you could feel the warmth of the sun on your face. The Grove erupted with children. In the play ground, on the grass, pedaling like mad on the paths, they cast aside their jackets and celebrated the first intimation of Spring in their brightly coloured tee shirts.

Some years ago I planted a white pulmonaria in the garden. It has taken years to get established. Unlike the more common blue variety, known in its wild state. as lungwort. It gets it name from being used in the treatment of lung disease.


Lucy said...

Ah but doctrine of signatures etc it was used for lung disease because it looked like a lung!

CC said...

My deepest thanks for announcing these oncoming signs of Spring.
We have grown desperate here. ;~)

Roderick Robinson said...

'Tis an ugly word, nevertheless. I can't see:

I made my love a posy,
A posy of lungworts...

Unless it was Larkin in a puckish mood.

Unknown said...

Lucy The leaf I think or perhaps the pattern on the leaf rather than the flower. Never having looked too closely at a lung, I have never been certain.

CC The signs yes, but our weather seems to suffer relapse after relapse.

BB Among local names for Pulmonaria officinalis given by Geoffrey Grigson in An Englishman's Flora are: Mary's tears; Soldier and his wife; spotted virgin; spotted Mary; children of Israel Ladies Pincusion; and Jerusalem Cowslip.