Monday, February 21, 2011

exits, good, indulgence

Posted by PicasaChimneys on the look out.

  In the street, a baby in a sling under his stout  father's unzipped jacket, from his snug hold, watches the world with interested eyes. Everything is taken care of. He will never have it so good.

Hooper's the department store is announcing a promotion - dinner and drinks and fashion - described as an "evening of indulgent luxury".


HKatz said...

He will never have it so good.

In part because he doesn't know that he will never have it so good. Concepts of time and future are nascent in his mind. For the time being there's just the present moment - the sling, the warm parent, the world passing by.

tristan said...

i thought indulgent luxury was your "default position"