Monday, February 14, 2011

greetings, blackbird, mistakes

Posted by Picasa Nothing personal, Valentine. It was a good idea being kind to lovers, and still is.

I look out of the window to see what I can see. I see a black bird under the hedge looking in at me, to see what he can see.

My sister-in-law is called Di. Her name is listed on my telephone next to Dr. This morning I ring Di instead of Dr. She begins to discuss my appointment with the doctor until she can no longer stop herself laughing. Having sorted out this problem, I find I have a text from someone who signs himself X. It is addressed to multiple recipients in a  busyworld which is new to me and rather exciting. It reads: "Hey guys! just to say think we should meet up to go over our skel arguments some point before end of today. Just make sure all sound and no overlaps. Wht u think?"
 I'm not the only one who calls the wrong number.


CC said...

Thanks for the red tulips, charming Blackbird observation and a story that made me laugh.

Lucy said...

I'm quite taken with the verb 'skel', which is new to me. I shall try to find an opportunity to use it...

Which I had one of those bouncy gmail emoticons for this post!

Unknown said...

Glad it made you laugh, CC. I had a little titter myself.

Sorry, Lucy. Another literal on my part. The word that precedes "skel" was "our" in the text not "or" which makes skel an adjective. But Hey Lucy, why not go ahead and use it as a verb. That's how language evolves. Wht u think?