Tuesday, June 28, 2011

flowers, meadows, grafitti

Posted by Picasa  Flowers again. Alliums, blue and white. No apologies. Tigger likes flowers.

From the train, meadow grass flowing like a tide with soft and feathery waves.

As you enter London on the train every vertical surface is covered in graffiti. What is surprising is that there are barely any recognisable words or images, just the same swirling lines, the product of spray-paint canisters, which could all, judging by the uniformity of style, have been squirted by the same hand. It is surprising, considering the effort that so much energy could be expended for so disappointing a reward.


tristan said...

there's an old concept in one of the "-ologies" called restricted code that might apply to this tiny tribe of inept but egotistical and probably obsessive-compulsive graffitists

Lucas said...

Tristan's analysis is spot-on. I wonder also about the degree of risk-taking athleticism - could it be preportional to the degree of indecipherability?