Tuesday, June 21, 2011

looking up, visitor, marauders

Posted by PicasaI'm not sure what this is or where I was when I pointed my camera upwards but it makes an interesting contrast in textures.

In the vegetable garden I sense a presence. It is the Labrador from next door whom I have seen for several years. He must have found a new way through the reinforced hedge and fence. He mooches around as he used to, nose to the ground.

When I go through the garden door I disturb two pigeons and a magpie. They are nibbling my lettuces. The lettuces  - at least the crisp green ones - have had little chance so far. Everyday I find them  tidily and thoroughly cropped. I have given up protesting and decided to subscribe to  the fiction that I planted the lettuces just for these greedy birds. Why not? If they don't eat them, the neighbours, to whom I always deliver the surplus, will. Perhaps a few will be spared for our own use.

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CC said...

I truly admire your attitude towards the birds eating your lettuces.

They are only taking advantage of the opportunity to dine an better fare. ;~)

Wishing I had a garden and could watch
who came to eat.