Sunday, June 12, 2011

edge, herbs, miles away

Posted by Picasa The edges of woods - cross sections of the unknown, - promise complexity, mystify, intrigue. (Click for full picture).

At The Farmers' Market I buy feverfew, St John's wort, echinacea and bergamot for the herb bed.

Woman in queue at  Sainsbury's checkout, whose trolley is blocking the way: "Sorry," miles away".
Man behind her: " Don't worry. I go there too".
Woman: "It's nicer there."


Lucy said...

Lisières. Possibly where the people at the supermarket were wandering in their minds.

CC said...

Lovely photo.

The Crow said...

Facing any woods, I always look for the faces of the green men. I was told, when I was 6 or 7, that they were the faces of the spirits who lived in the woods, who sometimes were kind, but sometimes very mean, and I should always be careful not to venture too far into them alone.

I never listened...and I am still here.

Lucas said...

"Cross-sections of the unknown" could be a great series.