Saturday, June 11, 2011

exit, dill, vocal

Posted by Picasa Behind the restaurant which is now known in the locality of this and other blogs as The Bloggers' Retreat is this picturesque fire escape.

 I prick out a bunch of tiny, feathery dill seedlings from a pot,  and despite a warning that they do not transplant well, I set out a row of them, taking advantage of the recent rain which has soaked the earth. I smell on my fingers a hint of anise.

After a shower of rain the birds seem to be more vocal, to sing with a greater fluency. Or perhaps it is that the air, rid of its burden of humidity, carries the sound more efficiently.

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Lucy said...

Congratulations on your six years. Now's the Time goes from strength to strength, and long may it continue to do so. The photographs added an extra dimension, and are a continual surprise and pleasure.

Happy anniversary, Joe dear!