Tuesday, June 07, 2011

weed, mother, shadows

Posted by PicasaWall lettuce Mycelis murales is a favorite plant of mine at this time of year. It grows out of cracks and corners and has a handsome habit. Against a silvery weathered fence it has a presence which particularly appeals.

As we enter Hall's bookshop, we are greeted by two people and one of them is greeted at the same time  by a young man.. It is like a piece of ensemble acting. "Is this your Mother?" asks Peter who works in the shop. addressing in good faith the young man standing beside Heidi? He has never met Heidi.  There is laughter all round, the more good  humoured because the young man is good looking and  Heidi is at her cheerful best. This  could be an opera," says Peter.  I pick up a business card on the counter. "Whose is this?" I ask. "It could be the subject of an aria ". "Cuesta carta?" chants Peter.

Sitting with a coffee opposite the derelict cinema, I watch pigeons settle on the broken glass of a window on the first floor. They vanish inside the room - it must be the former  upstairs lobby of the cinema; and, as my eyes follow, for a moment - their shadowy wings behind  the dust-coated  fragments of window glass, I imagine the patterned carpet and 30s decor of the space they have made their home..


marja-leena said...

Interesting photo with its delicate textures, and a plant I don't think I recognize.

And a humorous conversation in a shop with its inspirations for opera!

I wonder what the pigeons may be adding to the decor of their new old home...

Unknown said...

It is interesting that the fence did not seem particualarly interesting when I took the photograph. I only appreciated its silvery texture later.