Friday, June 03, 2011

butterfly, frames, poet's day

Posted by PicasaMale common blue  on the back of a hand outside the Compasses.

In the past I have constructed wigwam frames from bamboo canes which come to a point at the top like real tents. For some time I have known that it is more practical to bunch and secure the uprights low down so that they cross earlier, saltirewise, and protrude on all sides allowing whatever is climbing the frame - beans or sweet peas  - to hang down on the outside of the pyramid rather than become tangled at the apex. This year I remember to do it the proper way.

"We used to call Friday "poet's day"," says Bill. It stands for "piss off early tomorrow's Saturday." A variation of "thank God it's Friday," I suppose.  A very English variation, I suggest.

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CC said...

Exquisite shot of the Butterfly. Looks a little
bit worse for wear with bits if wing missing. LOVE "Poet's Day"