Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sculpture, windows, hat

Posted by Picasa Sculpture in St Giles, London. Is it the angel celebrated by the pub in the background?

 I look up to speculate about the little windows on the top floor of a nineteenth century house, now used for offices.   The rooms under the roof once housed chamber maids who had to get up before anyone else to dust ornaments,  light the fires and blacken  fire places. It is hard this afternoon to imagine them and their work in the age of central heating and electronics.

Thought for the day. If you have a hat with a wide enough brim you won't need an umbrella.


Roderick Robinson said...

Took in the photo before reading the text. Told myself this couldn't be TW and it wasn't. The statuary seemed to preclude the idea. But am I being hard on TW? I have never knowingly walked St Giles and I rather regret this. I am suddenly visited by the realisation that London to the east is so greatly superior to the frequently tawdry West End. After all the east contains Clerkenwell and I can get very sentimental about that. To have worked on Bowling Green Lane is to have been pleasingly linked to a distant past. Good heavens, it's time I found something to hate.

Unknown said...

There is a new development just round the corner from St Giles Church. It was here that my brother invited us to lunch the other day. While there I took a number of photographs which contrasted the old with the new. To my shame I failed to note the name of the sculptor or even to establish whether the work has a name. I agree with you that there is much to see in the east of London which is preferable to the west.
Try hating, on my behalf if on nobody else's the majority of tennis commentators who do so much to spoil Wimbledon, with their mindless chatter.