Wednesday, August 24, 2011

portrait, lavander, cub

Posted by PicasaPortrait of the artist in a wing mirror.

In the garden after the rain the sun comes out and warms the vegetation. What is that powerful smell?
Of course it is lavender, now in full flower, the scent of an old fashioned, old lady's boudoir.

Behind the greenhouse and between it and a high brick wall is that fox cub again. It seems to live in the wild and deserted neigbouring garden. It  is always alone. Does it fend for itself I wonder? It is very young. It looks at me and pauses as it did on the last occasion we met. Do I imagine a reproachful look on its face reflecting irritation at being disturbed? Or perhaps it is looking for a playmate and contemplates engaging me in vulpine discourse. I would like to think that the latter is the case.


CC said...

Love the photo AND that little fox.
How do you know its a he and not a she?
I think its exploring while Mum is out foraging, having told her pup to stay quiet
and not be seen..... ;~)

Unknown said...

cc It could indeed by a vixen. I didn't have time to find out its gender. I don't like saying "it" of something so alive. So I said "he". Am I being sexist? There was something small boyish about the creature.