Tuesday, February 12, 2013

colour saving collision avoided

More colour and light to make up for the winter gloom. Tulips in a vase in the morning light.

We meet a neighbour outside Morrison's. She has a carton of coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Her husband, a retired  doctor, forbids her to smoke at home. "I have just a eaten a croissant from the station cafe", she says. "So that I won't be hungry when I am shopping. If I'm hungry I usually buy more than I need".

In The Grove a woman careers towards me. She has her fingers on the keyboard of her mobile phone and her eye on the screen. A carrier bag swings noisily from her arm. As she looks up in time to avoid a collision she looks up at me with an expression which seems to say, look where you're going, as though I was not myself being forced to steer hard to starboard.

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Lucas said...

Eating to shop is a new take on shopping to eat,