Thursday, February 28, 2013

winter voices service

Ice on a wall.

Soundscape is a word relatively new to me, but one which I appreciate. I stand still in the vegetable garden and listen. The noises from the building site are intermittant but easy enough to exclude. Not so the din of children's voices from the primary school half a mile away. The morning break announces itself, a chorus of energy and excitement as the world begins again. Another feature of the soundscape occurs every time I approach The Grove from Belvue. It is the holly tree spilling sparrows and noisy as a party in full swing on a Saturday night.

A cup of tea at the cafe opposite the station reminds me that there are few such places where you don't have to wait to be served at the counter and are expected to pay right away. Here they say," take a seat and we'll bring it to you". And you pay before you leave. It may seem a small thing but a mark of civilisation nevertheless.

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