Tuesday, February 19, 2013

crows spices building site

I look up from the vegetable garden to  see a tree full of crows, at least I think they are crows.

In The Pantiles an overwhelming smell of spices floats out of a shop. It is the a shop called Pollyfield and sells masses of pot-pourris and the like, dried flowers woven into curious bouquets and emblems., packed into bags and cachets.  Cinnamon, cloves dominate but there must be every spice in the orient lurking among the petals and hanging in the air.

Last year and the year before I referred to the deserted garden next to the plot where I grow my vegetables, and posted photographs of the old house gradually falling to pieces. The melancholy charm of those days has this year been replaced by the brutal activity of a building site. A five bedroom house with an underground car park built into the basement is under construction. But it disturbs me   less than I might have expected. Preparing the beds for peas and salad, beans and sweet corn creates its own peace.


Lucy said...

I'm going to grow sweetcorn this year too, and some odd piebald things called pea beans!

Stella said...

I am writing from just outside Toronto, where a blanket of snow remains. We thought we were going to get away with another mild Winter, but a classic one has settled in. Comforting to hear that you are tilling the soil!

Unknown said...

Lucy Sweet corn proved rewarding last year despite the wet summer. I hoping for something better this year. Best to start early.

Stella It's comforting for me too. Not so much snow but the ground has been sodden since the Autumn with almost unceasing rain.