Sunday, February 17, 2013

meditation proof friends

On the edge of thought.

At the newsagent and tobacco counter in Sainsbury's  a sign insists that you must be over 25 when buying restricted products. The two women assistants refuse to sell cagarettes to a young man who appears to be nowhere near 25. He argues with the them in a good humoured way. " How old do you think I am specifically?" he says.

All over the town there are stains on walls, squares of peeling paint and  plaster, posts and pillars, boles and trunks which I recognise as old friends because I have photographed them in search of an image. Today I pass a bollard with a gaping hole in its spherical finial and resist the temptation to photograph it again.

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Lucas said...

I very much like this image and also the previous of the Sun. In fact the one of the sun makes one feel it is unwise to look at it, I think there is something ingrained an all of us mammals not to look directly at he sun,